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Applications for Rent in a busy market….

16 Jun 2015 Lithgow 0 Comment


At present we are experiencing a very busy rental market, with one of our inspections last week having 50+ people turning up to view the one house.  This sort of thing can be very daunting when you are looking for a rental home and you are not sure how to make your application stand out above the pack.  Here we will give you some tips on how to make your application rise to the top and be considered by the landlord.

1 – Fill in all the paperwork that is required.  Some people leave sections of their application form blank and don’t provide all the information that we ask for.  The information is asked for a reason, so that we can assess your ability to rent the property and the more information that you give us, the easier it is to get a full picture of your rental history and provide the landlord with a good idea of the person that would like to rent their property.  As a bare minimum you need to provide us with 100 points of identification, current and previous rent details, 2 business references, 2 personal references and an emergency contact.  Feel free to add more information to your application form if it is relevant.  Just write a letter to the owner if there is not enough space, so that you can get across your situation.

2 – Be prepared.  Come to the appointment with all of the required information and your application all filled in.  Even better, would be to drop your application into the office prior to attending the open home.  This means that we know you are really interested and when we get back to the office, we are able to begin our processes.

3 – Ask relevant questions, but understand that the agent is busy.  It is really hard as an agent to make sure that we have time for each person that comes to an open home, especially when there are loads of people there.  Sometimes we will not have the time to answer all of your questions with everyone that is at the appointment.  If you have some really specific questions, or know that you have special needs, send us an email prior to the open home, so that we can answer those questions for you specifically, rather than in a very public setting where there is no privacy.

4 – Make sure that you have viewed the property fully.  It can be difficult when there are people everywhere, but it is really important that you know what you are renting.  This would seem like an obvious statement, but there are lots of times that a tenant has come back to us after moving into a property and asked why the property isn’t fully fenced, or why there is no garden shed.  Make sure that you have really looked and that you are happy to apply for the premises.

5 – Dont try to bribe the agent.  A lot of people offer us all sorts of incentives to accept their application on a property.   We will not accept your offer and it makes us think that you are not the best applicant in the first place.  If you are the person that is right for the property, you application form will show us this and you will be accepted by the owner.

6 – Dont be rude.  I get it, it’s a frustrating situation to be in, you need a new home and when there are loads of others looking it can be very distressing to think that you are not the only applicant.  When you are rude to the agents, or to others at the property,  it just makes you look like the sort of person that will be difficult to deal with.

Above all else is persistence.  If there is nothing wrong with your application for tenancy and owners are just picking other applicants over you, keep on coming to our open homes, ask us to hold on to your application so that it is ready to go when you see something that you like. (we will hold an application form for up to 2 weeks at your request).


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